2016 Annual Report

Photo Credits

1. Home Page
Mathew Joseph (top)
Jake Lyell (bottom)

2. Going Where the Need is Greatest
Sala Lewis

3. We Defended the Rights of Married Girls
Tagaza Djibo

4. We Prevented Death from Unsafe Abortion
Maren Vespia

5. In Hard-to-Reach Communities, We Ensured Contraceptive Choice
Sala Lewis (top and bottom)

6. We Made Sure No One Was Left Behind
Kareem Reda (top and bottom)

7. Where Childbirth is Deadly, We Helped Women Survive
Karl Grobl (top)
Disha Uppal (bottom)

8. We Empowered Communities to Protect Their Environment
Ami Vitale

9. For Families in Extreme Poverty, We Offered Hope
Quamrul Abedin

10. We Raised the Voices of Champions
Sala Lewis (top)
Sawadogo Aissetou (bottom)

11. Around the World, Pathfinders Speak
Akintunde Akinyele, Elie Honein, Pathfinder India, Pathfinder Peru, and Maren Vespia

12. Financials
Quamrul Abedin

13. You Make Change Possible
Sala Lewis (top)
Julia G Kahrl (bottom)