2016 Annual Report

We Raised the Voices
of Champions

Every day, millions of people are denied the right to decide whether and when to have children. The right to live free from violence and stigma. The right to receive critical health services.

Wherever restrictive policies and systems threaten the health and futures of the people we serve, we inspire policymakers and communities to take action.

Last year, across the globe, our advocacy led to results.

Take India, where we partnered with the government of Haryana to offer injectable contraceptives to women at public health facilities—a first for the country.

“This is a monumental day for reproductive rights in India,” says Mathew Joseph, Pathfinder’s Country Representative in India. “For nearly two decades, injectables hadn’t been approved for use in our public facilities. So when the government of Haryana expressed an interest in changing this, we seized the opportunity.”

Thanks to support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and an executive order made by the state of Haryana to expand contraceptive choices in public health facilities across four districts, Pathfinder broke ground.

“Our team used scientific reasoning, we shared evidence and our global experience, and worked hard to convince and reassure the government that this method new is critical. Women need and benefit from full contraceptive choice, including injectables.”

To date, nearly 3,500 women have chosen injectable contraceptives through our project. Hundreds of doctors and nurses and thousands of frontline health workers have been trained on contraceptive counseling, services, and technology.

“What we’ve done will pave the way for similar projects in other states. I’m so proud of Pathfinders for meeting this challenge and never letting roadblocks stop us. To our whole team, I say, ‘Great job! It is because of you that thousands of women had a new choice to prevent unintended pregnancy.’ Now we must continue—until this initiative expands across India.”