2016 Annual Report

We Prevented Death
from Unsafe Abortion

Agnes Mlangeni is a doctor in one of Tanzania’s busiest hospitals. She has seen what happens when women cannot access safe abortion services from skilled health providers.

“There was this woman in her twenties,” she remembers. “Her husband was in jail. She had a baby and was pregnant. She went somewhere and had an abortion that was unsafe,” said Dr. Mlangeni. “It left her bleeding.”

Two days later, still bleeding heavily, the woman pulled herself to her feet and went for help.

“A provider tried to help her, but was untrained. They did a procedure and sent her home. Four days later, I met this woman. She was still bleeding when she came to our hospital. She had a fever. She was anemic and septic. And she was alone.”

No woman should have to go through this. Pathfinder is working to make sure no woman does.

Last year, we partnered with governments across Tanzania, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Burkina Faso to find innovative ways to strengthen the skills of providers, so more women can exercise their right to high-quality safe abortion and postabortion care.

“This is a first for our country,” says Dr. Joseph John Obure, Pathfinder’s Technical Director in Tanzania. “Never before have postabortion care providers been mentored using digital technology. Our app comes with a checklist—23 steps to make sure providers meet the quality standards set by the Ministry of Health and Pathfinder. We can assess providers’ skills more consistently and track their progress over time.”

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