2016 Annual Report

We Made Sure No One
Was Left Behind

From Burundi to Burkina Faso, many of the countries where we work faced political instability this past year. Even in violence and uncertainty, our courageous staff remains committed to making sure sexual and reproductive health services continue no matter what.

Pathfinder is deeply committed to the 23 countries we serve. When people’s needs increase, so does our response. Just look at our work in Cairo, where Pathfinder implemented our first program designed to address the pressing health needs of Syrian refugees—over 115,000 people seeking shelter in Egypt.

“I was forced to leave my country. Because of the war, the whole region was besieged. There was no way to live there,” said Fadia Abdel Meguid. In 2013, Fadia fled Syria with her family, including two daughters-in-law and her young grandsons. They made their way to Egypt.

With support from Pathfinder, Fadia became an outreach worker, connecting families like hers to quality health care in Egypt.

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