2016 Annual Report

We Empowered
Communities to Protect
Their Environment

“It doesn’t get more remote than this,” said Dr. Ernest Athumani, Pathfinder’s Health Advisor in Tanzania, traveling in a small boat atop Africa’s longest freshwater lake.

“Women living around Lake Tanganyika have suffered without reproductive health care. In the past, we couldn’t afford to reach them. That’s changed.”

This year in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda, Pathfinder strengthened our collaboration with renowned environmental organizations. By working together, we shared the cost of reaching communities whose health, livelihoods, and ecosystems are threatened.

“Working with groups like The Nature Conservancy, we bring more people to the table,” said Dr. Athumani. “Men who wouldn’t listen to us before—who believed reproductive health was just for women—listen now.”

Through our programs, men come to learn about sustainable fishing practices—and stay for information about contraception. When women become healthier, a world of opportunity opens up to them, including the chance to start a business or take on a leadership role.

“We’re seeing communities find solutions together, like how to protect the lake and fish populations, while earning more for each catch,” said Dr. Athumani.“ We’re helping people live healthy lives in balance with the environment they depend on for just about everything.”