2016 Annual Report

In Hard-to-Reach
Communities, We Ensured
Contraceptive Choice

How many hours would you walk for contraception? Millions of women and girls have no choice—it can take hours or even days to reach health facilities offering quality contraceptive services. Last year, we worked to close this gap. We helped train and support government health workers to bring contraception directly to rural communities in need. The results were unprecedented.

Sources: World Bank 2014, PRB 2015, PMA2020 2016, Uganda Village Heath Team Assessment Report, DRC DHS 2013-14, and performance data from Pathfinder projects.

“For the last two decades, Pathfinder supported the government of Ethiopia to introduce contraceptive services within rural communities. Today, our work together to provide implant insertion and removal services locally has become a model for other countries to follow.”
—Ahmed Emano, Director of Public Relations and Communication Directorate, Ethiopian Ministry of Health